Special report on Prinsjesdag: 2024 tax plan

Geplaatst op Wednesday September 20th, 2023

Key highlights of expected tax changes for 2024

In the wake of the Dutch cabinet’s resignation this summer, and the upcoming elections on November 22, 2023, , the outgoing government presented the budget for 2024 on “Prinsjesdag”, September 19, 2023. Pending approval by the House of Representatives and the Senate of The Netherlands, the 2024 Tax Plan is set to take effect on January 1, 2024, unless specified otherwise. Please find a summary of anticipated tax changes for 2024 Witscraft-Newsletter-Budget-day-2024-The-Netherlands-


Source: Miljoenennota, Belastingplan, begrotingen en bijbehorende stukken | Prinsjesdag: Miljoenennota en Rijksbegroting |

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