Advisory Services

Many years of experience have contributed to our wide range of services in the fields of HR advisory and Procurement/Contract Management. In addition to our own in-depth knowledge, we work together with our trusted global network of international advisors, if necessary.

Advising on compensation packages
We can assist you in designing a cost-efficient and competitive compensation package, by answering questions such as:

  • What benefits program provides an optimum fit with the specific situation your company is in?
  • Would an employee stock option or share plan be attractive for your company, or would you rather provide cash bonuses?
  • Is a collective pension plan mandatory for your employees?
  • What tax planning opportunities exist in such situation?

Executive remuneration advice

We  advise global executives (executive and supervisory board members) who wish to exchange ideas with an experienced advisor as regards their tax position in the short as well as the long term. Our support is focused on tax issues (income and wage tax as well as social insurance), estate planning, pension build-up, assignment contracts, et cetera. If required, we can involve professionals from our trusted global network of international advisors to assist with the filing in countries other than The Netherlands. Naturally, we are also well-equipped to work with your existing advisors in e.g. your home country, if so preferred.

Share-based incentives (stock options, share plans et cetera)

The Dutch tax rules governing share-based incentives (including the so-called ‘lucrative interest’ regulations) contain many pitfalls. It is crucially important to distinguish between the tax effects in box 1, 2 and 3 of the Dutch income tax system. We have ample experience in the design and implementation of employee participation plans (such as stock options, SARs, share (savings) schemes et cetera).

This particular method of compensation is also beneficial for start-ups, as it instils a sense of belonging in the employees and provides them with a relatively inexpensive compensation item for the long term. For start-ups, we offer a comprehensive package at a favourable fee. This package ranges from identifying the requirements, to handling the design and implementation of a plan that meets all of the stakeholders’ wishes. We can also assist in negotiations with the Dutch tax authorities (i.a. on valuations), as well as with the communications to the employees and the administrator of the selected plan.

In cross-border employment situations, companies and employees may have to meet administrative obligations in multiple jurisdictions in connection with their employee participations. We can identify these obligations and assist you in maintaining overall control, while staying in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. We can also confer with the Dutch tax authorities with a view to reaching an agreement with them on the tax consequences of (foreign) employee participations. We would typically use a quick scan to start identifying any potential risks.

In case of mergers and acquisitions, we are able to assist in handling the tax effects of the wrap-up of any legacy employee participations.

Dutch labour law positions

We can assist you in designing and, if required, amending the employment contracts of your employees. We are also able to advise on your employees’ labour law positions, by answering critical questions such as:

  • Does a CLA apply?
  • What risks should be insured, e.g. the obligation to continue payment of wages in case of illness?
  • How can we organise our flexible workforce of independent contractors, and what are the associated tax and labour law risks?

If required, we can involve professionals from our trusted global network of labour law advisors at home and abroad.

Relocation Services

Foreign employees highly value assistance with their relocation. It is in fact often seen as a crucial part of their compensation and benefit scheme. Together with the company and the employee, we can discuss the individual situation and the requirements (i.a. housing, childcare and child education, insurances). Based on this input and our broad experience in this field, we propose the way forward in clear detail. For our relocation services we work closely with external parties who provide i.a. short- and long stay housing, insurances and (expatriate) mortgages.

General HR advisory and interim HR management

We have ample experience in supporting HR processes in connection with change management (start-ups, IPO’s, mergers, acquisitions et cetera). In addition, we recognise that the labour market gets ever more flexible and global. It therefore requires decisive personnel management, which responds to fast-changing needs and demands. After all, it is the people within every organization (both the permanent and the temporary staff) that are vital to the business’ success. We are able to offer all-round support within the field of Human Resources, and would be pleased to assist you in:

  • (Re)defining and executing your company’s HR policy;
  • Addressing personnel consequences in case of start-ups, IPO’s, mergers, acquisitions et cetera;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Outsourcing;
  • Leadership improvement trajectories;
  • Temporary HR support on site (Interim HR Management).

Procurement/Contract Management Services

With our extended experience we  give advice, negotiate with suppliers and draft contracts . In case of changes  we review contract terms and conditions, assess risks and renegotiate existing contracts. In case of  conflicts we mediate and look for realistic solutions.

In our philosophy both Procurement and Contract Management needs to result in benefit for all involved and each needs to be committed to adding value!

In case of rapid growing companies and large and long-term investment projects, Procurement and Contract Management processes and procedures are essential to mitigate several risks. We are able to assist in setting up and implementing processes and procedures or perform a quick scan of what companies of what is already in place.

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