Who we are

Below we introduce the two Witscraft partners to you. Besides the partners, Witscraft has a network of professionals who are experts in their area. The professionals are acquaintances from past assignments and are fully familiar with our working methods.

Tax & HR: Lita Mannoe

Lita has a degree in tax law from the University of Amsterdam. She brings over 25 years of experience in the field of international wage tax vis-à-vis compensation policies, which includes the design of bonus, stock option and share plans. She also advises companies on the recruitment of employees from abroad (expatriate services). Lita spent the first 12 years of her career at the Dutch tax authorities, and subsequently worked for one of the so-called Big 4 tax advisory firms for over 6 years. She then became a partner of Taxpat BV, which was subsequently sold to Grant Thornton. There, Lita was a Tax Director for another 3 years.

Procurement/Contract- en Vendor Management: Sonja Schaper

Sonja has completed economic and Legal education at the HEAO (HES) Amsterdam. She also took various courses including marketing, sales, procurement, outsourcing, IT and contract- and vendor management. Sonja has extensive experience in the procurement of software, hardware and related services, facility products and services, cereals and ingredients. Sonja has over 25 years of experience in various national and international companies, including NXP, Essent, Codrico Rotterdam BV, LeasePlan Corporation, KLM, CMG.

Tax: Ümit Bitim

Ümit has a bachelor degree in tax law at the University of Tilburg and studying for his master.
Ümit is assisting us in tax matters  related to Global Mobility.

HRM: Anne-Marie de Bruin

Anne-Marie finalized her study Human Resource Management at the Ichtus Hogeschool in 1998. As of then Anne-Marie worked at several companies (national and international) and followed several courses. To date Anne-Marie is an all round hands on HR advisor able to set up strategic HR plans as well as managing the execution.

Procurement/Contract & Vendor Management: Frank Spaaij

Frank is one of our experts in IT Procurement/Contract-& Vendor Management. After studying Enschede High School (Techniek/Telecommunication) and a Post Academic Education (Strategic Management-Tias Business University), he has followed various courses over the years such as Best IT Procurement,  European Tendering, Licensing Models and vendor management assignments with government agencies (Police, Tax authorities, etc.) and in the business community (amongs others ABN Amro, Leaseplan etc.) Frank is seen by clients as a dealmaker when it comes to strategic procurement and the management of suppliers. Sober and without forgetting people in the process, he structurally work towards the final goal together with the client he represents the supplier(s) involved.
Frank is also a certified Best Value B and B+ trainer.

Relocation Service: Kim Albers

Living in various places in the world has made Kim very acquainted with different cultures and people. Moving a full household with children various times from country to country has taught her how to find her way and adapt to new living situations and surroundings quickly. Kim takes a lot of pleasure in helping expats find their way during the challenging first period in a new country, in this case The Netherlands. Finding a new home, assistance with their local registration, opening a Dutch bank account, finding suitable schools for the children are all things that can be quite daunting when you come to a new country and Kim will gladly assist you with this and more. She speaks fluently English and Italian, is very well organised and will guide each client through their relocation process in a friendly and professional way.

Office Support: Sabrina Nazir

Sabrina manages our office. She is an experienced PA (worked for years at the so-called Big 4 tax advisory firms.)
Whether it concerns the responsibility of the office organizations, or receiving relations with a delicious cup of coffee and a friendly smile…she carries out al work with pleasure and passion.

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