NEWS ALERT – Tax Budget 2022 – The Netherlands – private persons and employers

Geplaatst op Thursday September 23rd, 2021

TAX Budget 2022

On 21th September 2021 the Dutch government published its Tax Budget for 2022. This Budget contained various legislative bills and legislative amendments, some of which had already been announced.  In this newsletter Witscraft highlights the most important proposed tax changes relating to income tax and wage tax relevant for private persons and employers. We also address certain (proposed) legislation that is not included in the Tax Budget but is certainly relevant to be aware of.

One of the hot topics is the fixed home allowance  as proposed  (of EUR 2 per day) when working from home.  Hybrid working is of growing importance  (e.g. working from abroad,  digital nomads). As such supporting both in-office and remote workers will be critical to the success of organisations as they return to the office.  A balanced home working policy is important both from an employer’s and employee’s perspective.  It is therefore, a good moment to review your policies and check the tax implications of home working allowance, benefits and reimbursements,

Prinsjesdagspecial tax plan 2022

We also attach our Newsletter in Dutch.

Prinsjesdagspecial Belastingplan 2022- Dutch

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