Case law: Rechtbank Zeeland-West-Brabant – 28-01-2021

Geplaatst op Thursday February 11th, 2021


A French tax resident received in 2016  a. AOW allowance (Dutch national state pension) of € 13,676 taxed in France and b) a pension of € 31,959 taxed in the Netherlands (source state).

The income taxable in France is too low and does not exceed the tax-free amounts and therefore the resident could not make use of tax facilities (in this case: tax deduction of mortgage interest, alimony payment, health costs).  In such case, the Netherlands as source must (also) provide the tax facilities. So the deductions were allowed and a part of the Dutch tax credits.

This Court’s verdict is based on EU law (“Schumacker case”) and not on Dutch tax law since this was more restrictive to allow deductions.

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