Insourcing or outsourcing

For various reasons, you may decide to outsource some or all of your activities. Conversely, you could choose to do some activities by yourself. It is also possible that an existing outsourcing contract expires and you want to outsource the activity to the same or a new party.

Witscraft looks into current contracts and renegotiates, so you can do business under new conditions with trusted parties. We also assist in setting up new outsourcing contracts.

We offer the following services:

  • Analysis of your current contracts and look into your needs. We create a risk analysis and we provide insight into the financial and operational impact;
  • Support with quotes (RFI’s and RFP’s) and negotiate, if desired, together with you with the involved parties. We then draw up new contracts and SLA’s;
  • Assistance with the deployment of international staff (expats) and we take care of the tax and its administration;
  • Assistance in working with international workers (expats) and take care of the tax and its administration;
  • Insight into the financial impact of changes to your contracts;
  • Insight into the staffing implications, both on employment law as in tax matters;
  • Assistance in taking on staff, questions such as “who gains the knowledge that has been built up in recent years, and what are the tax and labor consequences” are known to us. We also assist the transition;
  • Analysis of contracts If you want to stop previously outsourced activities. We identify the options and implement necessary actions.

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