Mergers and Acquisitions

Your company will merge with another company, you decide to (partially) take over another company (acquisition) or you are thinking of bringing in a business unit into a joint venture. In all cases You will have to make some important choices.

When drafting the first plans, Witscraft is able to identify opportunities for you. Once the takeover or joint venture is a fact, we will help you adapt existing contracts to the new situation.

We offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive analysis of existing contracts and agreements of both your organization and the to be acquired organization or new partner(s). We create transparency on operational risks and insight in future needs;
  • Thorough research into synergies of existing contracts with your new partner(s);
  • Research on the pay roll taxs status of the to be acquired organisation or new partner(s). We adress the potential taxincome risks (due diligence);
  • Advice on settlement of existing wage components (bonus, option- and share schemes), and assistance in setting up new arrangements for the new combination;
  • Assistance in the creation of temporary contracts (TSLA’s) with your new partner(s) and/or the selling organisation, in order guarantee support during a transitional period;
  • Assistance in negotiating appropriate amendments to existing contracts;
  • Advice on the implications under collective agreements and help you communicate with various stakeholders on rumenaration (trade unions, Works council, Board, supervisors, etc.);
  • Assistance in choosing new suppliers and assistance in negotiating new contracts with existing and new suppliers;
  • Assistance in setting up the new HR function and guiding both the cultural and the renumeration adjustments that are necessary for the new combination.

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