You are about to divest a business unit . Current contracts and agreements may no longer apply for the to be divested business unit. The existing contracts needs to be dismantled and/or should be adjusted and agreements with relevant agencies will have to be revised. Also, you may have to deal with tax and employment consequences for employees, with rising labor costs as a result. Witscraft creates new or amended contracts as well as witty tax solutions for your employees.

We offer the following services:

  • Analysis of your current contracts and insight into the operational risks of your organisation;
  • Assistance in the creation of temporary contracts (TSLA’s) with the purchaser of the business, so that – if necessarry – the purchaser obtains guaranteed support during a transition period. We also make agreements with the involved suppliers to support you during the transition;
  • Advice on the settlement of existing remuneration components of the business (bonus-, option- and share schemes);
  • Advice on the consequences of collective agreements and assistance in communicating with the various stakeholders on remuneration (trade unions, Works council, Board, supervisors, etc.);
  • Support with the unbundling of existing contracts and signing new contracts. If necessary, we will set up arrangements with the relevant authorities such as the Tax Administration;
  • Assistance in choosing new suppliers and assistance in negotiating of new contracts with existing or new suppliers;
  • Insight into the financial impact of changes in contracts;
  • Insight into the understanding of staffing implications, both on employment law as on taxation.

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