24 December 2020:  Yes..there is a Brexit Deal!

The impact of the agreement is reviewed and it is likely that the implementation will be subject to interpretation.

Residence- and working permit

Find out more about living in the Netherlands after Brexit for:

  • UK nationals and their family members who come to live in the Netherlands before, and on or after 1 January 2021.
  • Dutch returning with their partner before, and on or after 1 January 2021.
  • Apply for a residence document for temporary residency under the Withdrawal Agreement (WA).
  • Apply for a residence document for permanent residency under the WA.
  • Apply for a ‘Frontier worker’s document’ to continue working as a British cross-border commuter in the Netherlands.
  • Make an appointment to have your biometrics taken.
  • Find out how your residence document under the WA will be delivered to you at home.

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UK Government information
Via the UK government is providing information to companies and individuals based on a questions/answer overview.

Dutch Sources

Living and/or working in the Netherlands for UK nationals after Brexit

Is your employee an UK national or the family member of an UK national and does the employee need to continue living/working in the Netherlands after 31 December 2020?

Application for a residence document under the Withdrawal Agreement needs to be submitted as soon as possible.
The employee does not longer need to first wait for an invitation letter from the  Dutch Immigration and NaturaIisation Services (IND).
For more information see
Information may change so check the IND information regularly.

 If you need any assistance you can contact us ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Will your UK driver’s licence still be valid after Brexit?

Until 31 December 2020 a transition period will be in place. During this period your UK driving licence will still be valid in the Netherlands. After 31 December 2020 the situatuion may change, depending on what the UK and the EU agree.

During the transition period – During this period you can exchange your UK driving licence for a Dutch driving licence. To do this, your licence must be valid during the transition period. The same conditions apply as for exchanging driving licences issued in EU countries. You will not need to retake your theory or practical driving test.

You can find more information  including how to exchange (renew / replace) via

General information for Dutch companies and individuals

The Dutch Government provides information including an impact scan for companies operating in several areas via the so called Brexit loket (
Information may change so check the Brexit loket regularly.

Checklist Brexit EVOFENEDEX

Evofenedex Business Association is the network of Dutch trading and production companies with a logistics or international operation.
Evofenedex has developed a extended checklist which can be requested via their website (

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