About Us


The founders of Witscraft are well-trained, experienced and energetic specialists who have worked together for many years.

The effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach are not only known in theory. In recent years we have been able to amply demonstrate this approach in practice. Our three partners assist numerous companies – ranging from start-ups and SMEs to large international companies with and without stock-listing – on procurement, tax, HR and legal services.

Partner in transitions

Witscraft is an independent partner and has a clear and transparant process where the client specific situation is leading.


Each type of company resides in our capable hands. You are able to focus on your own speciality and whatever fascinates you. You can leave remaining matters to the specialists of Witscraft!

Before we get started, there has to be chemistry between us. We would like to introduce our team to you.

Our methods
Of course, our method has to fit with your methods.

Previous projects
In the past years we have been able to amply demonstrate our approach in practice.

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