Salary criterions for employees – Visa – Knowledge Migrants, Intra Corporate Transferees et cetera

Geplaatst op Tuesday January 10th, 2017

The salary standards for 2017 are:

Gross monthly earnings exclusive holiday allowance
Knowledge migrant 30 years and older € 4.324,00
Knowledge migrant younger than 30 years € 3.170,00
Recent graduated highly educated Employees (*) 2.272,00
Intra corporate transfer (**) € 4.324,00
Blue Card € 5.066,00


(*) This category is exclusively applicable to highly skilled foreigners who are hired within 3 years after graduation (either in the Netherlands or abroad at a designated internal institution), promotion or  after undertaking scientific research position.

(**) As of 29 November 2016, Intra-corporate Transfer Directive (2014/44/EU) has been implemented in Dutch legislation. This legislation sets new conditions on the application for a residence permit for assignments within international group. Intra-corporate transferees are managers, specialists/key person or trainees). The period is limited to 3 years. If this legislation is applicable, the Dutch knowledge migrant rules are not applicable.

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